24 May 2024

50 years of the Scottish Kennel Club

50 years of the Scottish Kennel Club


First forming back in 1881, the Scottish Kennel Club is the cornerstone of the dog-loving community in Scotland and beyond. The club has grown into an institution dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership, particularly at their Championship Dog Shows.  Scottish Kennel Club also holds Championship Agility and Championship Obedience competitions annually.  The Royal Highland Showground was the perfect setting to host these events with Working Trials being held out with. Primarily, these shows were outdoor events held within the showground and, in 2012 SKC made the decision to move the Breed Championship Show indoors where it has remained.  Holding breed judging in both the Highland and Lowland Halls with the trade stands moving into the Central Hall.  Doing so meant it did not matter about the sometimes wet and windy weather which, over the years, had proved sometimes to be a real challenge with a good few heavy downpours which resulted in serious flooding in the show rings.


Extract from the book ‘A Kennel Club for Scotland’ by Sally Leiper

“In July 1973, the Executive visited the Royal Highland Agricultural Society Showground at Ingliston.  In 1974 (both 1973 shows having been held in Glasgow), the first SKC outdoor Championship event was held.  This was in May and became the representative show with Challenge Certificates in all breeds.  For a description of this event I turn again to Our Dogs whose front page carried a report by Mrs Margaret Lyndesay-Smith describing the event”.


The SKC's excellence in dog shows at the Royal Highland Centre showcase the very best and by organising countless events, they have become fixtures on the canine calendar. From prestigious championship shows to specialty breed exhibitions, obedience competitions, and agility competitions, the SKC's events showcase the beauty, grace, and diversity of all pedigree dogs while providing a platform for breeders, exhibitors, and spectators to come together and celebrate their shared love of dogs.


This year’s Championship Show is a ‘double’ show with both shows offering challenge certificates, the first of its kind held in the UK.  SKC was granted permission from the Royal Kennel Club in London to hold both an ‘All-Breed’ Championship Show aswell as their ‘General’ Championship Show alongside each other.  This is an exciting initiative which hopes to be beneficial to all exhibitors participating.


Beyond its role in dog shows, the Scottish Kennel Club has played a vital role in protecting and promoting the interests and well-being of dogs in Scotland. Through educational programs, outreach initiatives, and partnerships with veterinary professionals, the club has worked tirelessly to ensure that all dogs receive the care, love, and respect they deserve. From championing legislation to protecting dogs to providing resources and support to dog owners in need, the SKC has made a tangible difference in the lives of countless dogs and their human companions.


Congratulations to the Scottish Kennel Club on this fantastic achievement!