RHC Blog: Event Trends - How 2018 Will Shape the Events Industry

With over 50 years’ experience in the events industry, we at the RHC know that the sector is constantly evolving. Here’s a look at some of the key event trends we predict will shape the industry this year. 

Experiential events are becoming increasingly popular. People, especially millennials now tend to place a higher value on experiences over material goods. This means that they are willing to spend more, travel further and stay longer for a meaningful and memorable event.

This is a huge boost to the event industry: organisers and hosts stand to benefit from this change in perspective. On the other side of the coin, consumers are much more concerned with event quality and value. In other words, if you want delegates to travel far and spend more to attend your event, you’d better make sure it’s worth it.

As people seek to make the most of events, companies will see an increased interest in staying on-site or nearby. Venues that can cater for accommodation demand will be in good standing. At RHC for example, we can maximise our large outdoor space by using Camping Ninja pre-pitched tents for a hassle-free festival feeling. We also have good relationships with nearby hotels. For venues that don’t have accommodation capacity, developing strong links with nearby accommodation providers could be mutually beneficial


Improved food options will be one of the most important event trends this year. Gone are the days when burger and chips were enough to appease a hungry crowd. When it comes to catering, today’s event-goers expect much more sophisticated options. Increasingly health-conscious delegates are looking for choices that are both delicious and nutritious.

Offering, high-quality, cleverly-crafted menus with greater variety of choice will leave your guests feeling well-fed, not fed-up.

Innovations in technology have been a key trend in the events industry for years, and refinements in technological advances continue to impact the sector this year. We predict a move away from novelty innovations, and a greater focus on perfecting the basics.

Livestreaming and social media are important ways to promote your brand. In 2017, Instagram Stories reached 250 million daily active users, set to rise in 2018. People want to share their experiences in real-time. Customer-generated engagement and promotion are sure-fire ways to increase reputation and visibility. But how can guests be expected to share their experience at an event if they can’t easily get online? Providing high-speed WiFi is now essential.

Similarly, at a well-organised event, delegates are kept informed with directions and changes, and can be regularly updated. For that reason, over the past few years, venues scrapped paper signage in favour of digital. But we’ve seen enough display signs showing embarrassing error messages to know that just because it’s digital, doesn’t mean it’s failsafe. Getting things right with a great digital signage provider can make for a seamless event, and avoid the risk of looking unprofessional.

We’re noticing an increase in demand for outdoor events. More and more delegates are seeking out events that are great fun and great exercise, such as the Pretty Muddy challenge. 3, 5 and 10k obstacle courses will rise in popularity this year.

Healthier lifestyles are contributing to a greater interest in events that can offer a memorable day out in the great outdoors. Venues that have the space will maximise use of their outside facilities with events such as unique gift experiences and outdoor expos.

Sustainable events will come to the front this year as green tourism increases in popularity. Environmental-awareness is now commonplace, and so those who can demonstrate their eco-credentials will see increased interest over the next year or so.

Venues are now trying to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Things like lighting, heating, catering, deliveries and transport are all being re-evaluated to ensure as low a carbon footprint as possible for event venues. Event venues will go green this year by making public transport directions clear and readily available online, and by improving public transport links to sites.

At RHC, we are committed to providing an outstanding experience to event organisers and guests alike. With 200 events and one million visitors annually, RHC is the venue of choice for event organisers and guests alike. By embracing new developments within the events industry, we continue to provide our clients with an outstanding service.

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