RHC Blog: Accommodation with a Festival Feel at RHC

Edinburgh has an international reputation for its vibrant festival scene. To visitors and locals alike, Edinburgh is synonymous with the Fringe, a festival of comedy, drama and dance that takes place across the whole city in August.

The Fringe festival draws in huge crowds every year, with 2,696,884 show tickets sold last year. The Fringe isn’t the only event that causes a mass influx to Edinburgh during the summer. Several festivals and attractions, including Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Book Festival, Edinburgh Art Festival, the Royal Military Tattoo and Edinburgh Mela, which together with the Fringe draw in almost half a million visitors annually. It’s estimated that approximately 250,000 people gather to watch the spectacular fireworks display at Edinburgh castle at the end of August, which signifies the end of the festival season.

This trend is not just confined to Edinburgh. Across the UK, event-mania is spreading. Increasingly, people in general, and millennials in particular are seeking out unique experiences. There are many theories as to why, one being that as millennials have less disposable income than previous generations, they are looking to spend what spare money they do have on life-enhancing experiences rather than expensive ‘stuff’.

As a result, people are more inclined to seek out the right events and travel further to reach them. For event-dense locations like Edinburgh, the result has been an increased demand for accommodation. Although this is great for the tourism sector, the city’s accommodation portfolio doesn’t necessary hit the mark for every visitor. With the festival season lasting over a month, those staying long-term, amongst them festival performers, tend to seek out apartment rentals, whilst shorter-stay visitors tend to look for hotels. Unfortunately, these options can rarely be described as budget-friendly, nor do they meet the desired ‘festival-feel’ that many event-goers are looking for.

For many, festivals and camping go hand in hand. At RHC, Camping Ninja have created Edinburgh Festival Camping, which provides adventure-seekers with a wallet-friendly authentic festival experience when visiting Edinburgh during August.

In the past, event-goers have been put off camping by the prospect of horror-story showers, growling stomachs and the nightmare-inducing low battery notification. Of course, things have now moved on. To remain competitive, camping venues must be able to demonstrate to consumers that they can offer comfort as well as excitement. For example, visitors to the Camping Ninja site in August know that they will have access to free showers, a well-stocked on-site shop and free charging facilities, as well as a café/bar, free sporting equipment and the option to rent pre-pitched tents – ideal if you don’t fancy the idea of lugging a heavy tent around.

Camping Ninja also offers a cost-effective option for cash-strapped festival performers who are lucky to break even after a self-funded month at the Fringe – they offer an extremely competitive performers discount, and even have their very own Fringe venue on-site.

Our ability to respond to the latest demands in the events industry is something we’re proud of, and part of what we feel makes RHC the venue of choice for event organisers and guests alike.

Interested in hosting an event with us? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.