The Big Top : Richard Ashcroft

“A natural rebel, here I am, but some of you won’t understand.” – Richard Ashcroft, Surprised By The Joy


Welcome to Natural Rebel, the mesmerising fifth solo album by one of the all-time totemic figures of rock & roll. Make no mistake, Natural Rebel is An Album in the proper sense, it shines with the passion of a singer-songwriter who knows that the best songs take the time and courage to be sought out by the artist who gives them voice. Natural Rebel is so all-consuming in its desire…these are songs deserving of commitment. Witness the gorgeous ‘That’s When I Feel It’, which captures the beauty of what music can mean to people. Set to an uplifting summery sway, Ashcroft sings: “That’s when I feel it, the spirit is moving/Music in motion with the melodies growing.” All 10 songs on Natural Rebel are written by Richard Ashcroft; nobody else could summon up these melodies.