Pedal for Scotland

Pedal for Scotland's 45-mile Classic Challenge on Sunday 9 September is a once-a-year opportunity to cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh on closed roads.

Pedal for Scotland is a family fun event made up of three routes.

The Classic Challenge is a 45 mile bike ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh on closed roads. The Big Belter is a Sportive ride of 100 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh. The Wee Jaunt Edinburgh provides a fantastic and traffic free route taking in the last 10 miles of the Classic Challenge.

Friends and family can come and watch you at the start, at the finish and along the route. Please bear in mind that the route will be on closed roads meaning that friends travelling in vehicles to watch you should plan their route in advance.

Start venue: Glasgow Green
Finish venue: Royal Highland Centre

Buses £20, trams £3.50 available to participant use

Coaches and TNT delivery available to take participants and their bikes to and from the start and finish lines. (Only for those who have paid £20 for transportation)

So whether you fancy the Wee Jaunt, the Classic Challenge or you want to take part in the Big Belter, register today!