GreenFleet Scotland

The Motor Show with a difference... GreenFleet Scotland

GreenFleet Scotland prides itself on being the only motor show where YOU get to drive! GreenFleet events showcase the latest electric and low-carbon vehicle technologies and innovations available for your fleet.

GreenFleet strives to guide, advice and educate YOU, the Fleet Manager, on how to travel sustainably and potentially save your organisation £Thousands! GreenFleet has a variety of low emission and electric cars and vans to test drive, while experts are on hand to answer all your fleet efficiency questions. The day also includes keynote presentations where we will explore the latest in electric and hydrogen mobility, and how Scotland looks at the future advancement of these and other technologies. 

So if you like the sound of reducing your carbon footprint, saving your business thousands, test driving the latest in electric, low-carbon and hybrid cars and vans, and informative keynote presentations, all absolutely FREE, then GreenFleet Scotland is certainly the event for you to attend this year!

GreenFleet Event - Please note that this is for Trade Customers only